Ashok Darji going to study

Ashok Darji going to studyis Ashok Darji going to study and live with his parents? – The judicial panel says Ashok must stay with his parents.

is Ashok Darji going to study and live with his parents – The Judicial Committee of Damak Municipality, Jhapa, on Wednesday decided that child singer Ashok Darji must live with his parents. Ashok and his two sisters had been living in the hostel of Bethal Education Academy in Urlabari, Morang, until the musician turned talent agent, Tanka Budhathoki, took him off school 17 days ago.

Concerned by Ashok’s long spell of absence, the school headmaster, Deepak Neupane, had filled an application ay the office of Damak Municipality-2 on Tuesday, asking the authorities to return him so that he could continue his education. Neupane had also charged Budathoki of deliberately keeping Ashok incommunicado. Pursuant to the application, Budhathoki had appeared before Area Police Officer in Damak along with Ashok’s father Purna. A meeting of the municipal Judicial Committee was convened st live with his parents, Deputy Mayor Geeta Adhikari said on Wednesday. Budhathoki meanwhile dismissed the charges labeled against him by Neupane. He said he had never intended to keep Ashok away from his parents.

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