ashok darji father and mother

Ashok Darji Father and Mother

अशोक बाबुको आमा STUDIO 9. KTM

Ashok Darji is a 9 years old child singer. he’s from a poor family background with eight relations. He left his school within the last eight years and now he’s returning back to high schoolconsistent with her mother, Ashok began to sing when he was 3 years old. He wont to sing in local bazar and collect some money for his family livelihood.

Ashok Darji Father and Mother

Ashok roams the whole day singing and playing in bazar as his parents’ can´t afford to admit him in classconsistent with his mother Lalita, Ashok mostly wont to sing in bazar. He hardly sings reception. The talent of little Ashok outshines his age. ´The way forward for Ashok Darji depends on the hand of media and good generous people´, says his father. He says he can´t properly lookout of Ashok and feels if the generous people helped him and his son.

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