Paypal account in Nepal

How to make Paypal account in Nepal? What is Paypal?

Nowadays everyone knows what is Paypal if you don’t know then I will tell you. Paypal is an online wallet you can send and receive your money to a bank account and also you can use for online shopping to buy online products. When you work online that time you can use this wallet to receive your payments.

How to load funds?

Paypal doesn’t allow you to load money from a local bank, but Paypal allows you to send money to your bank. You can load money by working online and request your Paypal user friends to load some money, only this way you can load funds.

Is it possible to create and verify a Paypal account in Nepal or other countries?

Yes, it is possible to create and verify a Paypal account in Nepal or other countries. Paypal only allows creating an account and verify from the US phone number but you can create and verify from other countries also.

In this video, we are showing you how you can create and verify your PayPal account from Nepal or other countries. This video language is in Nepali if you are foreigners doesn’t matter video language just follow the steps you can also create.

How to Make Paypal account in Nepal?

Visit to create Paypal account

Get US Phone Number to verify your Paypal account

Get a Payoneer account to confirm your bank account

Get a virtual card to confirm your account

Rara Lake, in Nepal

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